Meet the People

Xiaojie Qiu

Principal Investigator

Google Scholar
I’m an Assistant Professor at the Department of Genetics, the BASE program, and the Department of Computer Science at Stanford. I worked with Dr. Cole Trapnell at the University of Washington during my PhD to develop Monocle 2 and 3 for pseudotemporal trajectory analysis of scRNA-seq data. During my post-doc, I worked with Dr. Jonathan Weissman initially at UCSF and then Whitehead Institute and MIT to develop Dynamo to reconstruct RNA velocity vector field and make reprogramming and in silico perturbation predictions with metabolic labeling enabled single-cell RNA-seq. I recently also lead the development of Spateo, for advanced spatiotemporal modeling of single cells. My lab is currently focused mostly on predictive modeling of single cells through a uniuqe synthesis of genomics and machine learning. Outside the lab, I like going to the gym, run and read all kinds of books.


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